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Winter Tires- A Necessity for Driving During Winter Season

Winter Tires- A Necessity for Driving During Winter Season

As winter is approaching, drivers in London are advised to switch from all-season tires to winter tires, if they want to glide their car smoothly over ice-packed roads.

Winter tires are specially designed to maneuver snow and ice from the road to provide smooth riding during the season. Basically, they are made from rubber compounds that do not allow snow or mud to stick in the grooves. In this manner, they ensure safety of the drivers while driving.

It goes without saying that the driving safely in the winter can only be determined by maintaining traction in cold conditions. These tires are made with rubber compounds that ensure flexibility during freezing temperature. They come with threads that are designed to make driving safe during winters.

Along with this, here are some tips to keep winter tires in good working condition throughout the season.

  • Keep the air pressure of the tires in check in order to avoid unnecessary wear on them. The tires cannot hold their shape if they are under-inflated. This could be a potential reason for decreased traction, increased tread wear and reduced control in slushy conditions.

  • It is recommended to get a set of four tires installed in your car to ensure improved traction and flexibility on wet and snow-covered roads.

  • It is also recommended to replace the winter tires as spring approaches.

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